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 formally known as Get To Know Your Farmer – this is our parent Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in order to encompass the full contingent of programs and endeavors that have grown out of our original mission to save family farmers.  Our mission now includes covering the four F’s – Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom.

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Who is Get To Know Your Farmer?

And why do we care so much?

Get To Know You Farmer grew out of the life’s trial of a Natural Family Farmer in Northern Colorado. A number of years ago, while he was farming, he experienced personal and governmental attacks for his political and deeply held beliefs in the right way to farm.  During and after loosing his farm, his family and even his health due to the attacks for his beliefs, and what the powers that be deemed “a threat to their way of life”.  He founded Get To Know Your Farmer, believing that the key to winning the fight for family farmers was directly linked to the ability for the average person to “know their farmer” on a personal level and develop a direct connection to their food and the natural family farmers that grow it.   So, Get To Know Your Farmer was born. Over the years that followed, that same  farmer continued on his quest and desire to see “Healthy Affordable Agriculture, For ALL!”

Get To Know Your Farmer has now grown to an immense group of dedicated volunteers and a very limited number of paid staff. All actively involved in the ever growing list of programs and endeavors that we are involved in.   In alignment with our original vision and desire to build up and support LOCAL strong communities. We have grown to now be involved in many aspects that while they may not be directly related to our farms, they are related to us following our strong moral compass, and following what we believe are our deeply held beliefs. Even as our founder, “Ethan The Farmer” followed his,  going it alone in the early days.

Today, as we continue to pursue what we believe is the right and just way for a society that respects others, our natural environment, and follows their beliefs. The programs we are currently active in fall into these groups. Keep in mind that many of the actions, and endeavors cross between the groups.

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