Week wrap up by Ethan the farmer


So it’s Friday here on the east coast of the United States and this is the Ethan the farmer giving you a brief synopsis on what we’ve been up to this week as well as the various other things involving us.


So, I thought I’d give you a day-by-day brief rundown. And then I’ll talk a little bit about some of the stuff that’s currently on my mind.  From there I’ll talk about some of our needs as well.

  • On Sunday; of last week we attended a religious service  in the morning. Then I commenced to working on various paperwork throughout the remainder of the day trying to catch up on the many different aspects of my responsibilities regarding paperwork, websites, all kinds of different projects that I work on. When you figure that I averaged between 1000 and 3000 emails a day.  Coming into my email system, that either I reassigned to others or I deal with myself. Just that aspect is close to a full time job. As always we could use more help. Volunteers assisting with all of this influx of traffic in order to continue to be able to deal with people in a timely manner. I sorry for those that I don’t get back to you right away or when they fall through the holes in the adventure. Please don’t ever give up and keep on trying to contact us if you need our help.
  • On Monday; I hit the ground running. We worked on teaching some folks how to wrap windows with sheet metal through our Skills Training and Employment Program (STEP). I had several phone meetings, and worked on returning emails phone calls. I spoke to multiple surveyor companies and left messages for several of them regarding getting the new Demonstration Sustainable Agricultural Project (DSAP) surveyed. Surveying that has to happen in order for us to be able to utilize the property to the fullest extent possible.
  • On Tuesday; it was brutally hot in excess of 100 degrees locally where we are at. I spent about 5 hours a day working alongside STEP helping to teach some more folks some metal bending techniques and how to properly wrap windows and doors. As well as again doing phone calls, emails, and text messages. Continuing to keep after the paperwork Adventure as it continues to come after me is just about a full time job. We had to call it quits out in the field with the STEP crews fairly early because of the intense heat. So, I then went and inspected two Victory Gardens.  Just to take a look at them and see how they were doing and how the people were doing that were working with them. After that, I went to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon because the heat had caused me a significant headache by that time. That evening I mucked out dog pens and worked on more paperwork.
  • On Wednesday; It was the 4th of July.  I spent about 10 hours worth of teaching how to install drip irrigation in a greenhouse and agricultural setting for the STEP crews. As well as troubleshooting issues with the newly installed drip system.  Then it was back to the paperwork adventure for a little while. In the evening, I spent a couple of hours with some plain families at a camp fire at their house. While there, I got to meet some new people and spread the message of taking back our Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. Including why it’s so important that each and every person get involved. Otherwise the freedoms that they enjoy as an individual and as a collective will no longer be.
  • On Thursday; The STEP aspect of our organization brought back an individual that had worked with us previously.  He was back needing employment help through the journeys of his life. Him and I went out and worked under the STEP aspect and replaced part of a broken sewer in a basement. Then we went to work on repairing a porch and a porch roof that had disconnected from the house and ride it out in the process of disconnecting from the house it had managed to break four of the five trusses. Through this STEP project, the STEP crew got to experience jacking up the structure and  resupporting it. We shored it up, then removing the rotten and broken trusses and ledger. Then we started replacing them. That evening I had the chance to speak with some local small business owners about economics of small business and their struggles. Lending a listening ear, and giving them what I would do in their shoes. Then met a lady struggling to make ends meet and was able through our salt of the earth program to make sure her family had a meal that night.
  • On Friday; Friday morning back out to the irrigation Adventure where the gentleman from our STEP crew that I had been working with on Wednesday meet me.  He had spent Thursday working on it on his own. I went over what work he had done and then I proceeded to instruct him on some additional work and then I headed back to the great porch adventure fixing a roof and porch system that was falling off a house  with one of our STEP crews. then headed to do paperwork. The never ending multiplication of paperwork adventure. ( during which time I wrote this using voice to text program.)
  • Saturday it’s back to the great adventure of window wrapping and helping folks learn the skills of how to install wrap and trim out windows appropriately through our STEP endeavor. Then I’m hoping to go and sheer the Ambassador livestock for the summer months. It had to be put off because they’ve been wet so much, due to all the rain. You can’t hardly sheer a wet animal and which I’ll be teaching some folks the art of sheering livestock.

That’ll close out my week. That is just  7 days to give you a little synopsis of what I do. Letting you know the hours that are put in each and every week.  You have to figure, even with a holiday this week, that I will have well over a hundred hours invested. Helping to run this enterprising nonprofit organization, teaching others, and working with others whenever possible.

Currently here’s a couple of our needs;

I know I’m always talking about our needs, but it’s a fact of life. It takes a lot to make this whole thing go around. I bear a lot of the weight on my own shoulders and it’s very hard. So, please help if you are able:

  • As many of you know, a week ago we purchased a demonstration sustainable farm (dsf).  We have a couple of needs related to it:
    • We need a name for it. We would like folks to vote on a name and to offer a bid for say of what they’re willing to donate to get that name on our demonstration sustainable Farm. In other words, it’s basically sponsorship rights. Now, we reserve the right to refused any entry. All entries must follow our moral, ethical, and/ or mission of the organization.
    • We are in need of fencing material, Building Material, and pallets.
    • We need a good working weed eater with a blade.
    • We need a newer heavy duty chainsaw for use.
    • We need a post hole digger.
    • We are needing to rent or have use of a mini excavator for approximately a week. To do foundation repair, and storm runoff containment /rerouting.
    • We are also in need of surveyor services to survey the property.
  • We are in need of some more people to help provide content. As you folks may have noticed, I have been writing more articles and I’d like if some other folks would join me. Helping write some articles to promote what we’re doing. Also articles related to farms, food, families, and freedom are greatly appreciated. If you could forward those articles to us through the www.farmfresh.media site that would be awesome.
  • We are in need of a couple of vehicles for the fishy food cars program. If you’re interested in donating a good, used, mechanically sound vehicle please contact us.  We don’t care if it’s not pretty it just need to be able to be made street legal. So that we can further this Mission with the fishy food cars. That would be great.
  • And the last thing I’ll talk about real quick this week – we are in need of a new or or better vehicle for the main vehicle for the skills and employment training program. As the vehicle that is currently in use has somewhere around 300,000 miles on it. Once the sustainable demo Farm is up and running, we intend to take this vehicle to there and do a workshops / class on rebuilding of the engine and the transmission. Completely rehabbing it as far as mechanically. So that it is mechanically sound again. Then we will continue to operate this vehicle.


As always your donations are appreciated.  You can donate to us through www.PayPal.Me/GTKYF .


So that’s a wrap up of this week 4th of July week in 2018.  This has been Ethan the farmer signing off. Hope you guys have a great weekend. We appreciate all of the support and assistance that all of you folks provide us.  Thank You