Wrap up with Ethan The Farmer



Hey there;

Here it is already the middle of July and either is brutally hot or it’s trying to drown us. Seems like we can’t get a happy medium. At least this last week we got a little bit of rain that helped the corn that was starting to leaves for starting the curl from lack of moisture.

We had to pleasure in the last week of buying some coffee for a veteran at a local coffee shop when his card was declined. Working on numerous projects under the step (SKILLS TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM) program.  Continuing to develop the websites. That’s almost a full time job. Helping people with the neighbors helping neighbors program and the salt of the earth program. Just generally staying extremely busy.

Some days it feels like I hardly don’t get anything done. Because I only get one thing out of the 50 things on my list accomplished. And some days with the influx of emails, phone calls, and text messages I feel like I’m just barely treading water. Keeping my head above the adventure. And then when you have the people that want to use threats against you as a way to coerce you into doing what they want.  If I had a dollar for every threat I would be very wealthy. And the organization would be permanently funded. LOL.

So here it is Monday already and I really haven’t gotten much done this week. We spent Saturday working on the irrigation system over there at the fig farm.  Probably have one more day there, trying to get that up and running correctly. As some of the parts that were bought from Lowe’s are not working correctly. But such is life.

I’d encourage all of you folks to do your part;

get out;

get involved;

turn off the TV;

get off that couch;

get in the streets;

(Or the garden;)

and actually do something;

Each and everyday;

to take back our Farms,



and freedom.

Exciting news that we will be at the Family Farm days later this month with a booth and even official food car if we can pull it off.

Have a great week I’ll try to post another wrap up in a week or so.

-Ethan The Farmer


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