It’s Time For another Wrap- up…

Wrap up –

With Ethan The Farmer, Founder

August 12, 2018

Man, this summer months are just flying by. Here it is hard to imagine that the summer is almost to an end and we are still cruising right along. This last week has gone by ever so fast, and was I ever glad. We had several headaches come our way and through that word  “faith” we have been talking about in my  “sermons from the homestead” series, we survived. Be it we are not unscathed… we caught some friction burns in the process but continued onward and forward… through faith:

Highlight (or Low Lights):

  • Major Vehicle Issues:
  • Host farm Fun
  • Rock Bottom Farms, Stillwater aspects.
  • Helping Farmers
  • Reflection of the struggles of this life

Let’s dive a little deeper into the above:

  • Major Vehicle Issues:
    • In the last two weeks we have had a number of vehicle issue. Not that this is a surprise when we drive vehicles a ton of miles, and most if not all of them have substantial miles on them when we got them either cheaply or donated. Maybe, someday someone will donate a near NEW vehicle… Just s pipe dream, but don’t fault me for dreaming… (ha, ha)
      • The cost to get another set of wheels legally running on the road set us back $1000 ($500 purchuse, Break work, inspection, wind shield, alignment, suspension, and registration/ taxes . NOT including the tires ($650) and a potential transfer ($350) case the vehicle will need before fall…
      • Cost to repair the van as it is the best for transporting the Ambassador livestock to inner city events. A used motor will cost $350, and the labor approximately $500.
      • The Fishy Food Cars have a new vehicle needing minor repairs, inspection, registration, and insurance for an estimated cost of $1000. to get it on the road.
  • One of our main host farms located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania had some excitement and issues over the last week:
    • One of the Sewer systems that we use for a bathroom when we are there failed and using our STEP group we engaged on repairing it. That meant breaking out concrete, and rerouting sewer line. While we spent several days working on this over the last week it is still not done. As it is very labor intensive, and slow going. The monies we would have charged for this work are going to the ongoing rent of said facilities, therefore we are taking persons involved with STEP out of the income stream for the duration of this project.  It will benefit all parties in the long haul, but make for a worse cash position in the short term.
    • Friday, of this last week the Steers decided that they should go on a tour of the corn fields and the host farms property. Providing for some excitement and adventure to retrieve them and get them back in. This was a result of the electric fence coming unplugged and then it was discovered that the intensity of the fence was greatly reduced because of weeds that were growing up and grounding out the current. So, several people got to spend the day weed eating the weeds to remove them from the issue.
  • Rock Bottom Farms, Stillwater: If it were not for adventures and things not going right… we would not have much of an update…
    • In the Process of cleaning up and cleaning out said property, it was discovered multiple skunks had taken up residence in the structures, including the house. Therefore clean up is on hold till said skunks can be convinced to find a different residence, and move out.
    • We found a surveyor and began the process of getting a formal survey that will be certified. This will cost us $3000 more. It could even be more than that as the property has not had a complete survey in more than 100 years. (DONATE HERE to help cover this expense)
  • Helping Farmer: As always the calls for advocacy services and help for farmers and others needing assistance continue to grow. This week we met with several farmers on their farms, and spoke to tons more on the phone. As well as working to help market those farmers who are struggling to do it right, to facilitate their ability to be competitive.
  • Reflection on the struggles: When You face continued opposition and struggles because the road you choose to travel is one that is based on deeply held beliefs. It is often that it appears that there is no solution to the trials and tribulations that are a constant way of life, under these circumstances. The more you are able to impact and effect positive change for others the more you become a target and under attack… That my friend is why this is the road less traveled. No one said this life was going to be easy…

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The Need is great but the resources are few…

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