As most of you know we have been severely in the red as an organization for a significant amount of time…

“Good news – in the last 24 hours just shy of $1000 has come in in donations!”  -Ethan The Farmer, September 29, 2018. 

You dont know how much even a dollar leads to pointing to the fact we have your support in these programs designed to be the change we want to see in our society. 

Let’s keep this momentum up and aim for $500 in the next 48 hours!

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We are $19,000 and some change short for September 2018. In addition the the cost to $20,000 we were short going into the month. 

We have cut the fall quarter budget and programs to $45,000 from $75,000.

We dont want to keep cutting programs and need your help to make this work. Even a dollar makes all the difference. 

Many thanks to those who have donated and supported us in providing these programs to make a.difference in our communities.  

-Ethan The Farmer

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