Help us support a GREAT MAN!

Help us support a great man! As most of you know we here at GTKYF Foundation Inc believe in people, compassion and making a difference in our world. Well, those strong moral attributes are a direct result of our founders passion and tenacity. Our Founder, Ethan The Farmer would not be where he is or for that matter may not even be with us, had it not been for a phenomenal man in his life.  This man, his wife, and his whole family have consistently shown unconditional love and compassion for all they meet.

Dr Harl Hargett –

Recently, Dr. Harl became ill and required a trip to the Emergency room, ICU, and a extensive stay in the hospital. This man has devoted his life, along with his wife, to being the change that so many of us desire to see in our communities. He has effected many for the betterment of society as a whole not only across this country but around the world.  Due to his unrelenting faith that cannot be seen, he has given and given and given. He is and has been a father to the fatherless, shown unconditional love to the unlovable, and given his last dollar to make sure someone else had what they needed.

Now in his time of need, I am asking each of you to personally reach deep in your heart and consider if you would be willing to live a life of totally giving all you have to help others? As Dr. Harl, his wife Carolyn, and his family have done for close to 40 years.

Please donate to help them recover from                              Dr. Harl’s Illness

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From the bottom of my heart I want to personally thank you for helping this man to recover from these set backs, and I know that he will be right back in the saddle helping others just as soon as he is well.  –Ethan The Farmer