The Big Give Challenge – To “Be the Change” you want to see in our society.

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc as part of our mission as it relates to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom, we strive to be accountable for the resources that we have been given. Through our travels we have discovered that many Non Governmental Organizations  (NGOs) have a crazy amount of their overall resources dedicated to the overall administration of the Organization. Instead of those who the organization represents itself to be helping through its mission. When we have CEO’s of Non Profits, or other types of NGOs making millions and a small percentage of the actual raise or donated funds goes to what people think they are supporting.  We have a problem. These organizations are abusing the NGO or Nonprofit arena to financially benefit themselves and not those in need.  Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc our executives salaries are capped in our articles of incorporation and bylaws. And in fact most of our executives work voluntarily, with no pay! Enabling us to Give more to the actual programs and those involved in the programs.

Some such projects are the “Extra Ordinary Give”, and #GivingTuesday ran by large NGO’s and Non Profits. Being that we are about not only calling out the issues, but providing a positive solutions for those issues. We created The BIG Give Challenge. A mixture of the above two massive fundraising platforms, and throwing in a little of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” mentality.  All while standing by our principles and beliefs, when it comes to financial accountability, and building strong communities.

The Big Give Challenge is as follows:

Commit to Donating the equivalent on one hour a week either monetarily or through your time. In other words, if you make $10 an hour donate $10 a week or volunteer one hour.  Directly to a Local Non Profit, or even directly to someone in need in your immediate community.  If each person were to do this we would start to see a wave of good and start to progress towards a better place for us all.

We want you to Challenge your friends, family members, co- workers, and any one you run across to “take the BIG Give Challenge”.

If you are looking for a Non Profit or NGO that believes in “being the change” feel free to DONATE to GTKYF Foundation Inc. Enabling us to continue to provide positive solutions for the issues that face our farms, food, families, and freedom in this word today.

Big Give Challenge Events:

On each event listing like it,  and share it. When you have contributed your hour for the week (either monetarily or physically) click the GOING tab and comment about your hour of being the change. Make it fun – Challenge your friends and co workers to take this challenge and let’s create a wave of being the change.

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