NOW HIRING! Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we have a program called the STEP GROUP. Therefore we strive to build strong communities by providing “Skills Training and Employment Program”. Helping others learn the skills necessary to become gainfully employed, hence strong members of their communities. Providing the building blocks for a better multi generational financially secure lifestyle and community.
“We need people who understand that this is more than a business, this is an outreach first, a business second.” Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc
When communities are inclusive and provide skills training and employment to those who struggle. Weather it be disabilities, a complicated back ground, or maybe a total lack of opportunities. Providing employment and the necessary skills to make a livable wage to all socioeconomic backgrounds creates an environment of inclusion. Not to mention a level of self worth when persons can support themselves and their families. Here are GTKYF Foundation Inc our mission statement includes families, and freedom as part of the four F’s.  Providing a hands on solution to the issue of those who cannot support themselves, as well as veterans, and even those who are housing impaired. Goes right along with our desire and commitment to families.

When it comes to freedom…

There is nothing more free than knowing you have the skills and access to gainful employment to support yourself and your family. Many in today’s society struggle with this very concept and are denied this freedom. Through this program and its affiliated businesses we are working towards positive solutions to a epidemic problem our country faces. And breaking the social and economic barriers through Skills Training and Employment.

Next time you need a handyman, a person to clean, a plumber, general labor, marketing, or just about any kinda property service…

Why not consider the STEP Group?

“Where we provide more than service,                                   We provide service with a HEART!”