Do You have a back yard chicken coop?

Ever wise you had a automatic way to close it up at night?

or open it in the morning?

Pullet – Shut

Any of us that have ever raised back yard or even small scale farm chicken know about the fear of being a little late to get th coop closed up and a predator getting our beloved chickens. This SMALL FAMILY OWNED business has just the innovative solution.

Give Mark George a call at 512*nine nine five -0058 (we put it like this to help avoid the spam calls from the bots) or visit their informative website at today!

Start giving yourself some peace of mind and keep your birds safe.

Let them know Ethan The Farmer sent you.

I saw their product displayed and in use at the Mother Earth Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania in September 2018.

Their Offices are in Lockhart, Texas 78644

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