With Thanks Giving Day 2018 fast upon us tomorrow, we would like to reflect on some of the keys things we are thankful for  over the last year as an organization.

During 2018 we had our ups and our downs, but over all we have a lot to be grateful for. Including :

  • First and foremost:
    • We are forever grateful for all of our supporters, volunteers, crew members, program managers, and yes even our program participants / members. Without each of you doing your key part, NONE of this would be possible! So, from the bottom of our hearts, a great big THANK YOU

    • We are thankful for the financial and other donated resources that have enabled us to keep going. Be it at times it looked pretty bleak. We made it! And are closing in on another year in the books. At one point our monthly budget organization wide was $34,000 in the RED! Right now we are somewhere around $5000 to $8000 in the for our monthly budget, year to date. That is Organization wide and does not include our “Long Term Debt” of aprox $130,000 and our Rock Bottom Farms Debt of  Approximately $11,000. (That does not include the costs of rehab or getting the facility up and running) We Are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that we have been able to keep it all going and have plans to continue. THANK YOU
    • We are thankful for the opportunity to be active participants in addressing the many issues with our farms, food, families, and freedom. Those of us who live breath and even bleed for this cause are eternally grateful and humbled to be in a position that this organization is moving forward. We have a opportunity through the many programs and great peoples support to be the “catalyst for change” in this country and beyond.