OK, so its that time again to talk about where we are as an overall organization with the finances. As with any NGO or Non Profit that strives to “put their money where their mouth is” there is always more need than resources.

But we do have very good news and some not so good news. Which do you want first? (remember playing that as a child?) Anyway, since the good news excites me and makes a huge difference as to where we are at, I’ll share it first.


With your awesome help (and a few budget / program cuts) as of November 1st 2018 our monthly operating budget was $9000 in the RED. While that’s not good, it is a huge dent and difference in where we go and what our options are.  We were $34,000 in the red on October 1st, 2018.  What a huge difference this makes,thank you


Our adjusted budget for November and December 2018 combined is $45,000. That does not include paying off the remaining $9000 we are still running a deficit on. Nor our long term debt of $130,000 or the debt from the Rock Bottom Farms Group which stands at $11,000 currently. (This does not include the costs of rehab and getting the facility open).

In October our “program revenues” rose to 68% of the monies brought in. That means that the programs generated through what people pay, (like the STEP GROUP cost of services), 68% of the total monies brought in October 2018. Our goal is to get this number to 80%, (or more!). The remaining money brought in was donations, sponsorships, or gifts in kind. We believe one of the keys to being sustainable as an organization is to have the STEP Group supporting the other aspects of the organization with 80% of the overall revenue organization wide coming from there.

Now, for the bad news. The progress and work on the Rock Bottom Farms Program is currently at a standstill until we can pay down the debt that we have incurred via this program.  Our desire to have it up and running this fall, be it on a limited scale will not be happening. As well as we have help off on several tech upgrades, and a new roof for the “Demonstration Tiny House”. The Demonstration Tiny House is not able to be used on the road as we do not have the insurance necessary to make it road legal. That insurance is aprox $1000 a month by it self.

If any of you ever have a question or would like information on our budget and what we do with the money, please ask. We are an open book, and will provide the information freely. We are also happy to explain any or the adjustments, cost over runs, and other aspects of our organization to anyone wanting to know.  Thank You.