Related to Families program update


Learn more about the many programs we have related to families and helping to defend them against the current plight around the world that has put them under attack.

Families – The Building Block of Strong Community and Society

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Not only do we strive to DEFEND and TAKE BACK our Families…

We believe in working to provide positive realistic programs offering aspects that positively benefit and strengthen families. Look for more of these exciting parts of the big picture in 2019 and beyond!

“It does no good to just consistently call out the negative if we cannot or will not provide positive alternatives to what we are saying needs to stop. People are far more likely to take the positive option when offered the choice between the two. Let us work to create positive alternatives to the negative in our society.”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF FOUNDATION INC

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This information is current as of January 2019, and is subject to change without notice. thank you