Our STEP GROUP in Lancaster County Pennsylvania:


A Job with a Mission

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and learn management skills in the home improvement and service industry? Do you want to work in a job that has purpose and serves the community?

At the STEP GROUP, (a program of GTKYF Foundation Inc) we are offering this opportunity to anyone who has the professional skills and the management skills to take on a position of leadership. Our STEP GROUP sends crews out into the community to help with plumbing, electrical and home systems repairs. We do this under the banner of a non-profit dedicated to community principles, and to working on behalf of the common citizen.

In this job, you will not have bosses looking over your shoulder. That’s because we believe in the principle of servant leadership – that instead of a hierarchy there is a collective of individuals doing their jobs well and respecting each other.

In this job, you will make money – enough to support your family and live comfortably, a fair compensation for your labor, because we believe in the equity of business.

If all of this sounds good, and you are the type who thrives on being a self-starter, who likes to deal fairly with people, and who wants to become involved in a genuine business role for a large non-profit, come down and talk to us about whether you might be the right fit for the job.