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What We are thankful for:

With Thanks Giving Day 2018 fast upon us tomorrow, we would like to reflect on some of the keys things we are thankful for  over the last year as an organization.

During 2018 we had our ups and our downs, but over all we have a lot to be grateful for. Including :

  • First and foremost:
    • We are forever grateful for all of our supporters, volunteers, crew members, program managers, and yes even our program participants / members. Without each of you doing your key part, NONE of this would be possible! So, from the bottom of our hearts, a great big THANK YOU

    • We are thankful for the financial and other donated resources that have enabled us to keep going. Be it at times it looked pretty bleak. We made it! And are closing in on another year in the books. At one point our monthly budget organization wide was $34,000 in the RED! Right now we are somewhere around $5000 to $8000 in the for our monthly budget, year to date. That is Organization wide and does not include our “Long Term Debt” of aprox $130,000 and our Rock Bottom Farms Debt of  Approximately $11,000. (That does not include the costs of rehab or getting the facility up and running) We Are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that we have been able to keep it all going and have plans to continue. THANK YOU
    • We are thankful for the opportunity to be active participants in addressing the many issues with our farms, food, families, and freedom. Those of us who live breath and even bleed for this cause are eternally grateful and humbled to be in a position that this organization is moving forward. We have a opportunity through the many programs and great peoples support to be the “catalyst for change” in this country and beyond.


What is giving back?

We here at GTKYF Foundation Inc strive to explore and understand things related to farms, food, families, and freedom. That we so deeply care about and how they directly effect our mission in relation.

That being said we would like you to read and think about this article written by those involved in our mission.

Our article on “What Is Giving Back?”

During this holiday season as the needs for our programs and services are great and the resources are few. We would ask you to consider donating to help us in this continued effort to take back our farms, food, families, and freedom.


“When I die, I want the check to the undertaker to bounce. I want to have given it all away”

-Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc
Join us in being the change and take the “Big Give Challenge” TODAY!

Extra Ordinary Give ?

How many of you know just how much those of us behind GTKYF Foundation Inc like big dirty business? Well, the Non Profit world is not different than Big Business America. In fact in many ways I would argue they are even morally bankrupt. As many of those in charge and leading nonprofits benefit personally significantly. Not here at GTKYF Foundation Inc! Did you know that most of our leadership is NOT paid AT ALL? That’s right volunteering their time to make a difference in our communities and our world. And those that are paid make below the federal poverty line… We don’t do this for the money. We do it cause we care!

“When I die I want the check to the undertaker to bounce. I want to have given it all away. One of my favorite songs is ‘You have never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch’ by Kristian Bush. You can’t take it with you, so why are you trying to?”            – Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc

That brings us to the “Extra Ordinary Give” also know as “Give Extra” here in Pennsylvania. This event and the organizations behind it are a good example of “big business mentality” in the non profit and NGO arenas. Why not give directly to those in need? and give all year long? Instead of just funding the executives end of the year bonuses. We wont participate in these kinda games as they run contrary to our morals and beliefs.  Now, you say “I don’t know where or how to find a group to support”.

In typical GTKYF Foundation Inc fashion, when we see a negative issue we strive to provide a positive solution. We launched a program called “The BIG Give Challenge”.  (Check out an article we wrote about it here) Part of being the change is not only calling out the negative situations, but providing positive programs and solutions to those issues.

So think about it and give directly or locally or to a group who has publicly disclosed the true compensation for its leadership.

The Big Give Challenge

The Big Give Challenge – To “Be the Change” you want to see in our society.

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc as part of our mission as it relates to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom, we strive to be accountable for the resources that we have been given. Through our travels we have discovered that many Non Governmental Organizations  (NGOs) have a crazy amount of their overall resources dedicated to the overall administration of the Organization. Instead of those who the organization represents itself to be helping through its mission. When we have CEO’s of Non Profits, or other types of NGOs making millions and a small percentage of the actual raise or donated funds goes to what people think they are supporting.  We have a problem. These organizations are abusing the NGO or Nonprofit arena to financially benefit themselves and not those in need.  Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc our executives salaries are capped in our articles of incorporation and bylaws. And in fact most of our executives work voluntarily, with no pay! Enabling us to Give more to the actual programs and those involved in the programs.

Some such projects are the “Extra Ordinary Give”, and #GivingTuesday ran by large NGO’s and Non Profits. Being that we are about not only calling out the issues, but providing a positive solutions for those issues. We created The BIG Give Challenge. A mixture of the above two massive fundraising platforms, and throwing in a little of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” mentality.  All while standing by our principles and beliefs, when it comes to financial accountability, and building strong communities.

The Big Give Challenge is as follows:

Commit to Donating the equivalent on one hour a week either monetarily or through your time. In other words, if you make $10 an hour donate $10 a week or volunteer one hour.  Directly to a Local Non Profit, or even directly to someone in need in your immediate community.  If each person were to do this we would start to see a wave of good and start to progress towards a better place for us all.

We want you to Challenge your friends, family members, co- workers, and any one you run across to “take the BIG Give Challenge”.

If you are looking for a Non Profit or NGO that believes in “being the change” feel free to DONATE to GTKYF Foundation Inc. Enabling us to continue to provide positive solutions for the issues that face our farms, food, families, and freedom in this word today.

Big Give Challenge Events:

On each event listing like it,  and share it. When you have contributed your hour for the week (either monetarily or physically) click the GOING tab and comment about your hour of being the change. Make it fun – Challenge your friends and co workers to take this challenge and let’s create a wave of being the change.

Visit this exciting program here