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What We are thankful for:

With Thanks Giving Day 2018 fast upon us tomorrow, we would like to reflect on some of the keys things we are thankful for  over the last year as an organization.

During 2018 we had our ups and our downs, but over all we have a lot to be grateful for. Including :

  • First and foremost:
    • We are forever grateful for all of our supporters, volunteers, crew members, program managers, and yes even our program participants / members. Without each of you doing your key part, NONE of this would be possible! So, from the bottom of our hearts, a great big THANK YOU

    • We are thankful for the financial and other donated resources that have enabled us to keep going. Be it at times it looked pretty bleak. We made it! And are closing in on another year in the books. At one point our monthly budget organization wide was $34,000 in the RED! Right now we are somewhere around $5000 to $8000 in the for our monthly budget, year to date. That is Organization wide and does not include our “Long Term Debt” of aprox $130,000 and our Rock Bottom Farms Debt of  Approximately $11,000. (That does not include the costs of rehab or getting the facility up and running) We Are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that we have been able to keep it all going and have plans to continue. THANK YOU
    • We are thankful for the opportunity to be active participants in addressing the many issues with our farms, food, families, and freedom. Those of us who live breath and even bleed for this cause are eternally grateful and humbled to be in a position that this organization is moving forward. We have a opportunity through the many programs and great peoples support to be the “catalyst for change” in this country and beyond.


AD: Carol Ann Rak Designs

Do you seek quality hand made blankets, socks, hats,

and other items made from natural fibers?

Carol Ann pours her heart and tender loving care into each item she hands crafts out of wool from sheep, and alpacas. (she has even used some of the wool from our ambassador livestock alpacas!) Her creativity, and attention to detail using old school skills from days gone bye are a treat to watch.  This is the definition of a true small business, its right from the homestead in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

She also offers Spinning, Weaving, Knitting Lessons, Workshops, Demonstrations, Presentations, and custom orders.  Give her a call and support those who dare to keep old world skills alive.


visit online:

Carol Ann Rak Designs

or call her at seven two four – two five three- two two nine nine

Or Click Here to Email Her

Let her know Ethan The Farmer sent you. I met her at the Mother Earth Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania several years ago and have had the pleasure of  spending time with her each year when we go to the Mother Earth Fair.



AD: Learn Off Grid Skills

Just in time for the holidays you can purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES that are good for any of the great programs here at GTKYF Foundation Inc:

Off Grid Learning both one on one and workshop platforms

STEP GROUP – Complete Service Provider –

Farm Fresh Media Marketing

Please email us for more information on amounts and we will get it all set up for you.


Give the gift that helps support programs related to farms, food, families, and freedom!

Thank You



AD: Vox Art

Many of you know that WE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS!

It is because of our belief in SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS that we are promoting various small businesses for FREE this Holiday Season. In a direct effort to VOTE WITH OUR WALLET.

One such Business is VOX Art:

Please consider supporting the little guy this holiday season and check out their Art for the perfect gift. Let them know that Ethan The Farmer sent you. Thank You


It’s certainly not a household name, but the STEP GROUP is reinventing business in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and around the United States.

We’ve all heard some version of this before – how big corporate businesses are squeezing out the small family-run shops, and making markets both more orderly and more sterile places.

We also know, most of us, that you end up paying a lot when you call the “big guys” who have put massive funds into shiny new trucks, tools and HR departments. When you get assistance from a corporate service, prices go up. There’s a lot less ability to negotiate or interact with human beings to make customized deals. At the STEP GROUP we not only provide the services, But we provide “service with a heart”

That’s part of what’s at the heart of our STEP Group, and our set of businesses, including Plain and Simple llc, Eastern PA Handyman, America’s Painting Experts, Farm Fresh Media Marketing, and Lancaster Deck Pros. We provide a place to get real help, at good prices, without a lot of extra nonsense. All while showing compassion and understanding to our neighbors in need.

We’ve also heard a lot, on TV and on the street, about the need to employ our nation’s veterans, and socially economically challenged. They come back from war with crippling physical ailments, disabilities and mental health needs. Too often, they have a hard time getting a job in the corporate job market. But who’s there to help them? We here at the STEP GROUP are!

If you look behind the curtain, you can see that the effort to help employ veterans and the corporatization of our job market are going in opposite directions.

The small businesses that are trying to make genuine efforts to hire veterans are squeezed out by the corporate businesses that may claim to adopt veteran-friendly policies, but really only care about the most efficient way to the all mighty dollar. Employing veterans over other candidates is not an efficient form of business – instead, it’s a form of business focused on equality, justice and a helping hand. Don’t be fooled into thinking that corporate businesses are going to embrace this model; we know from any casual reading of economics that maximum profit is the unbreakable rule at these companies – and they’re not going to throw it over for anything!

At our STEP Group, we take the idea of actually employing veterans and others who need to develop a career, not just work a dead-end job. We take on new people and help them develop the skills they need to survive in a tough economy.

The people at the top may say the economy is going great – but just because the Dow Jones is above a certain number doesn’t mean the rest of us are doing well on Main Street. Things are tough – and one thing that’s tough is to get a job without specialized skills. We bring new people in the door and help them to develop through apprenticeships, and on the job training that maximize value to the customer, while also giving less experienced workers a hand climbing the ladder.

To be clear, they’re not climbing the ladder towards corporate domination. They’re building skills that will allow them to, in turn, go out and develop their own businesses and compete with the corporate system that really doesn’t care at all about you or your community. The skills necessary to build strong foundations for strong vibrant inclusive communities.

With our STEP Group, we connect directly with people who want value for home improvement, and other services we offer. They don’t want a big corporate company to come in with million-dollar vehicles and all the best equipment, knock the job out in two hours, and charge them 300% of what they could’ve gotten from a small shop.

Most property owners want a couple of guys to come out and get the work done right, without a lot of bells and whistles, and pay a fair price for the project. The average American doesn’t have thousands of dollars to throw around improving their homes and properties. They want affordability. With an emphasis on a “Job done right”.

By bridging that gap – by creating less corporate businesses that are professional and well qualified to handle home-improvement projects, and other services we’re giving the customers what they need as well. It’s a win-win for everyone, and the community as a whole. You’ll find that in these corners of the home improvement market, good things are happening. The free market is rewarding human connections and local business deals, and punishing companies that think they need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on overhead and then pass those costs along to the customer.

So how are we doing with the STEP Group? Business is booming – we need new people on board. Take a look to see more about how we foster skill set creation and learning at the STEP Group, and what we can do for you!

Link to the STEP Group


AD: Pullet – Shut

Do You have a back yard chicken coop?

Ever wise you had a automatic way to close it up at night?

or open it in the morning?

Pullet – Shut

Any of us that have ever raised back yard or even small scale farm chicken know about the fear of being a little late to get th coop closed up and a predator getting our beloved chickens. This SMALL FAMILY OWNED business has just the innovative solution.

Give Mark George a call at 512*nine nine five -0058 (we put it like this to help avoid the spam calls from the bots) or visit their informative website at today!

Start giving yourself some peace of mind and keep your birds safe.

Let them know Ethan The Farmer sent you.

I saw their product displayed and in use at the Mother Earth Fair in Seven Springs Pennsylvania in September 2018.

Their Offices are in Lockhart, Texas 78644

Help us support a GREAT MAN!

Help us support a great man! As most of you know we here at GTKYF Foundation Inc believe in people, compassion and making a difference in our world. Well, those strong moral attributes are a direct result of our founders passion and tenacity. Our Founder, Ethan The Farmer would not be where he is or for that matter may not even be with us, had it not been for a phenomenal man in his life.  This man, his wife, and his whole family have consistently shown unconditional love and compassion for all they meet.

Dr Harl Hargett –

Recently, Dr. Harl became ill and required a trip to the Emergency room, ICU, and a extensive stay in the hospital. This man has devoted his life, along with his wife, to being the change that so many of us desire to see in our communities. He has effected many for the betterment of society as a whole not only across this country but around the world.  Due to his unrelenting faith that cannot be seen, he has given and given and given. He is and has been a father to the fatherless, shown unconditional love to the unlovable, and given his last dollar to make sure someone else had what they needed.

Now in his time of need, I am asking each of you to personally reach deep in your heart and consider if you would be willing to live a life of totally giving all you have to help others? As Dr. Harl, his wife Carolyn, and his family have done for close to 40 years.

Please donate to help them recover from                              Dr. Harl’s Illness

His families Go Fund Me Page is linked to above: 

or you can share

From the bottom of my heart I want to personally thank you for helping this man to recover from these set backs, and I know that he will be right back in the saddle helping others just as soon as he is well.  –Ethan The Farmer

The cry of “I’m broke”

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we rely heavily on donations to keep our 23 programs operational. As of October 1st,2018 we are $34,000 short year to date. We have cut some programs and our budget for the remaining three months from $75,000 to $45,000 but will need your help to even do that. 

Now, I hear the “I’m broke” song and I think to myself… did they buy that cup of coffee at Starbucks this morning? Instead of investing in our collective future and helping us fund taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom? If people continue to ignore the plight that society is headed down… there won’t be a need for that cup of coffee…

So, I beg of each of you to consider your options and consider throwing us that $3 instead of the coffee or fast food corporations that actively participate in helping destroy our society and world.

You can donate at

 and make sure to click that auto monthly donation box to make the same donation monthly.
Thank you
Ethan The Farmer
Founder and Director

Sponsors needed asap – please get behind this event

Hey there folks this is Ethan The Farmer.

Just wanted to give you folks a quick update and let you know about a great opportunity that are presented itself and I think we should take advantage of. The problem is we need somebody or few somebody’s to help sponsor.

As many of you folks know over the last several years we have actively participated in the Mother Earth Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. The opportunity has presented itself yet again to do this fair and event. Costs including the cost of the booth (which has been greatly discounted) as well as our cost to do the event as far as gas, food for the animals, food for the volunteers, and other necessities to make the event happen. (Such as printed materials.)  We are looking at about $1,500 in overhead to pull this event off. It would be ever so helpful if we could get some people to donate towards this event directly. The event booth is being greatly discounted to allow us to be able to even consider doing this event again. To help make this happen we stay in a campground, at a state park, keeping the overhead low. But it still cost money for the campsite. And it still cost money for fuel for vehicles, for all of the animal food, in order to keep everything going and make the event a success. If you’re interested in donating to help this event please email me directly and I will send you a link after discussing with you what you’re interested in doing support wise. We are also willing to put sponsorship information on our literature for the event if your business is desiring sponsorship and advertising. This is a awesome event to reach a lot of off-grid homesteader, prepper mentality people. It is one of the largest off-grid homesteading events in the United States. Thank you for your consideration and time and we look forward to having another successful event.