Our Core Programs:

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we have a some core programs, including:

Overall Organization Administration:

  • Our Executive Team:
    • Ethan The Farmer, Founder, Executive Director, and Chairman of the Boards.
    • Executive Board, (three person board that manages the day to day operation, and most of the aspects of the organization)
    • Administrative Board, (twelve person board that provides for the overall operation of the organization)
    • Advisory Board, (Provides experience and acts as an advisory for the executive director and the executive board)
  • Our Tech Group:
    • Oversees, manages, maintains, creates, our tech based assets and programs.
    • Some of our current build outs in progress:
    • Our Marketing Group:
      • Oversees our organization wide marketing, social media, and content
      • Provides reduced cost or free marketing services in line with our mission. Farm Fresh Media Marketing
      • Participates in our STEP Group providing “Skills Training and Employment” related to Marketing, IT, and web development.
  • Public Relations, Media, and Development

Get To Know Your Farmer –

Just Us Riders –

Victory Garden Program – “Take Back America – Plant a Victory Garden TODAY!”


No More GMO

As most of you know… this is the SHORT / Skinny Version of our programs. If you want a more complete list – please explore this site – Thank You

Without your generous donations, support, volunteers, and gifts in kind we would not be able to continue these programs. Please consider DONATING HERE

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