Rock Bottom Farms

Yes, this is the name for our demonstration sustainable agriculture and off grid living training farms and communities:

How did we reach such a name and where did it come from:

Soon after we bought the facility in Stillwater, Pennsylvania we started asking around to those who saw it and who know us about what we should call the program. There was a friend and volunteer who suggested “Rock Bottom”. As the property and many we work with are coming from the “rock bottom” of their lives as we attempt to give both the land, nature, and people the tools, knowledge, and skills to raise themselves from the rock bottom of their existence to become better members of our world.  And that is how we came up with this name and what it means. Many thanks to Janet, of Ephreta PA and her friends in helping us create this name.

“To be successful in changing the course of our society we must not only call out the issues that are causing harm. But we must provide positive solutions to assist with a positive corrective route forward.”

Ethan The Farmer, founder & Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc

So, with the above in mind we set out to find a way to teach and demonstrate the kind of life that betters society. To allow people to experience off grid living, sustainable agriculture, and old world life first hand. From using a minimal foot print to produce the maximum amount of food in alignment with nature, to the old world skills that are a vanishing in today’s world, to off grid systems that allow people to “unplug” from the system.  To learn more about the specifics of what we teach and demonstrate visit here.

We have a facility under development in north central Pennsylvania. Rock Bottom Farms – Stillwater, will encompass many of the aspects we desire to educate and promote. Due to site size constants, not all programs and aspects will be availible at all times at this facility.  This facility is Approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes from times square, New York City, making it an ideal place for the folks from the city to come and dive head first into learning sustainability in a rural setting.  We are hoping to have some programs up and running in 2019 and the facility fully built out and operational by 2020.  Make sure you subscribe to this page to keep up to date.

We are actively seeking additional locations and projects under this umbrella. If you have a property that you think would fit, and it does NOT have to be a farm, or rural – we will consider any property – INCLUDING URBAN and INTERCITY projects. Also, We are Seeking residential sites for additional “community houses”, teaching and spreading community living while helping the socially economic disadvantaged members of society with stable housing. In an effort to spread this type of learning and education, thereby changing our society for the better.

If you have a potential Site or an Idea – Email us HERE

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