Rock Bottom Farms – Stillwater

In July 2018, we purchased a facility approximately 45 min due west of Scranton, Pennsylvania. This property is to serve as a “demonstration sustainable agriculture and off grid living facility.” It is located adjacent to Pine Creek, providing natural relaxation and unplugging from the world and our materialistic society,  with the sounds of the water naturally flowing by.

While this project is NOT yet open, as we are still needing to renovate and update the facilities, we look forward to the day when it will serve to help people understand sustainable living, farming, and community.

Due to site size constants, not all programs and aspects will be availible at all times at this facility.  This facility is Approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes from times square, New York City, making it an ideal place for the folks from the city to come and dive head first into learning sustainability in a rural setting.  We are hoping to have some programs up and running in 2019 and the facility fully built out and operational by 2020.  Make sure you subscribe to this page to keep up to date.