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Programs and More Programs of GTKYF Foundation Inc

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Outreach Programs

As you know one of our main goals is to educate and spread the message of taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom. So, that being said we have a series of programs and projects committed to outreach.

Freedom Programs – Update

Our deeply held beliefs here at GTKYF Foundation Inc, include a core of all people were created to be free. Our Government, or any goverment for that matter has not the right to attack the very freedom that is intrinsic to common man. That being said, we have several programs that are directly involved in issues related to taking back, defending, and providing positive freedom.

Advocacy for issues related to FREEDOM

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Writers Wanted:                                                                                                      GTKYF Foundation Inc has its very own media group! We are always looking for well written articles about the four F’s.  What are the four F’s you ask?  They are Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. The core of what we here are GTKYF Foundation Inc are all about.   If your a writer, or an amateur just breaking into the creative writing field send us your story or idea.

“Each of us needs to tell three people a day about what is going on in this country. If we do that, it won’t be long and we will have critical mass in the fight for our society and our world.”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc

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A message from Ethan The Farmer:

Part of developing ones writing is practice practice practice. Repetition and creating your own style help set you apart in a competitive playing field for content creation and creative writing. I have personally found that the more I write, the easier it has become. Now some would criticize my grammar and style but I believe those aspects lead to a finished product that is uniquely my own.  Lending to my own feel and even ambience of where I am taking the reader in each article I write along this road of life that we each live.  So I would encourage everyone that enjoys writing, or wants to pursue a content writer for profit environment to write how they talk and what flows for them. Good luck and happy writing! I can’t wait to read your articles. – Ethan The Farmer

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Corporate America’s attack on freedom

As most of you know here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we have a deep belief in FREEDOM. Though our many programs related to FREEDOM and our desire that “all persons shall be free”. We strive to come to terms and hold accountable those who would harm this great thing we hold so dear…


That being said, in our travels we have experienced many different types of attacks on the basic concept of freedom and how it is lived out in our daily lives.  One day last week, I discovered an article by National Public Radio about a large American motel chain that has openly attacked our freedoms, and is now being held to task for these actions.
The Article by NPR about Motel 6 violation of our freedom

In the United States Of America on of the rights under the Bill of Rights holds that we are to be free from “unreasonable search and seizure”. When we have a private company that puts profits and kickbacks before protecting our liberties and privacy. weather or not we are a citizen. As in this situation citizens and immigrants were subject both alike to this total invasion of our freedoms, and privacy. Not that being an immigrant gives anyone the right to take away our liberties and security. As many of our ancestors were exactly that, immigrants.

Corporations in bed with BIG BROTHER

“We need to be speaking loudly and making our voices heard. We will NOT stand for any attacks on our freedoms, liberty, and privacy by anyone! “

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

Why does a corporation like Motel 6 think that this is an acceptable to cause this type of harm and jeopardize the freedom and liberty of its customers? We need to be letting this and any other company that takes these types of hostile actions toward the American people know we wont stand for it.

Join with me:

  • Contact Motel 6 and let them know this is NOT ok. Here is a link to their guest relations and phone number.
  • BOYCOTT Motel 6 – Vote with your wallet and make them feel it where it hurts… their bank accounts.
  • POST, SHARE, and SPREAD the word about what this company has done.

Together by making it know using the above non-violent  tactics and making it known we can make other companies like Amazon, Facebook, and others think before they act.

The cry of “I’m broke”

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we rely heavily on donations to keep our 23 programs operational. As of October 1st,2018 we are $34,000 short year to date. We have cut some programs and our budget for the remaining three months from $75,000 to $45,000 but will need your help to even do that. 

Now, I hear the “I’m broke” song and I think to myself… did they buy that cup of coffee at Starbucks this morning? Instead of investing in our collective future and helping us fund taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom? If people continue to ignore the plight that society is headed down… there won’t be a need for that cup of coffee…

So, I beg of each of you to consider your options and consider throwing us that $3 instead of the coffee or fast food corporations that actively participate in helping destroy our society and world.

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Thank you
Ethan The Farmer
Founder and Director

On a roll… 

As most of you know we have been severely in the red as an organization for a significant amount of time…

“Good news – in the last 24 hours just shy of $1000 has come in in donations!”  -Ethan The Farmer, September 29, 2018. 

You dont know how much even a dollar leads to pointing to the fact we have your support in these programs designed to be the change we want to see in our society. 

Let’s keep this momentum up and aim for $500 in the next 48 hours!

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We are $19,000 and some change short for September 2018. In addition the the cost to $20,000 we were short going into the month. 

We have cut the fall quarter budget and programs to $45,000 from $75,000.

We dont want to keep cutting programs and need your help to make this work. Even a dollar makes all the difference. 

Many thanks to those who have donated and supported us in providing these programs to make a.difference in our communities.  

-Ethan The Farmer

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Sponsors needed asap – please get behind this event

Hey there folks this is Ethan The Farmer.

Just wanted to give you folks a quick update and let you know about a great opportunity that are presented itself and I think we should take advantage of. The problem is we need somebody or few somebody’s to help sponsor.

As many of you folks know over the last several years we have actively participated in the Mother Earth Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. The opportunity has presented itself yet again to do this fair and event. Costs including the cost of the booth (which has been greatly discounted) as well as our cost to do the event as far as gas, food for the animals, food for the volunteers, and other necessities to make the event happen. (Such as printed materials.)  We are looking at about $1,500 in overhead to pull this event off. It would be ever so helpful if we could get some people to donate towards this event directly. The event booth is being greatly discounted to allow us to be able to even consider doing this event again. To help make this happen we stay in a campground, at a state park, keeping the overhead low. But it still cost money for the campsite. And it still cost money for fuel for vehicles, for all of the animal food, in order to keep everything going and make the event a success. If you’re interested in donating to help this event please email me directly and I will send you a link after discussing with you what you’re interested in doing support wise. We are also willing to put sponsorship information on our literature for the event if your business is desiring sponsorship and advertising. This is a awesome event to reach a lot of off-grid homesteader, prepper mentality people. It is one of the largest off-grid homesteading events in the United States. Thank you for your consideration and time and we look forward to having another successful event.

Hay there…. a farmers play on words

Hay there…
( a Farmers Play on Words…)

As most of you know and have seen over the years, our group is VERY active in the desire to “Take back our farms, food, families, and freedom.” That being said we are always looking for Advertisers, Sponsors, and Donations (either in kind, or monetarily). We have a significant presence across multiple aspects of these core issues including 600 plus websites, significant social media presence, and 30,000 plus agricultural related digital subscribers in the united states. Our Off Grid / Prepping related project in the EU has 1.2 million subscribers. I don’t know if your company has any interest in marketing to these types of persons, but all of our related agricultural aspects are fully aware of our stance for natural sustainable family / community based aspects. We have a continual stream of new articles and stories related to our key aspects across our platforms. Thereby, keeping these people engaged in what we are doing and the current information in relation. I would be willing to place ads or otherwise market your business for FREE for 30 days, (limited availability – 1st come 1st served) after that we could continue a similar campaign for around a dollar a day and up. Depending on what exactly you would like to target marketing wise. We also own Farm Fresh Media, and could produce a story or article on your companies endeavors. Providing relative content for getting the word out to people interested in your products or services.

Please contact me if any of this interests you going forward.

Many Thanks,
Ethan The Farmer
executive director, GTKYF Foundation inc.
814-429-3276 office