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Corporate America’s attack on freedom

As most of you know here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we have a deep belief in FREEDOM. Though our many programs related to FREEDOM and our desire that “all persons shall be free”. We strive to come to terms and hold accountable those who would harm this great thing we hold so dear…


That being said, in our travels we have experienced many different types of attacks on the basic concept of freedom and how it is lived out in our daily lives.  One day last week, I discovered an article by National Public Radio about a large American motel chain that has openly attacked our freedoms, and is now being held to task for these actions.
The Article by NPR about Motel 6 violation of our freedom

In the United States Of America on of the rights under the Bill of Rights holds that we are to be free from “unreasonable search and seizure”. When we have a private company that puts profits and kickbacks before protecting our liberties and privacy. weather or not we are a citizen. As in this situation citizens and immigrants were subject both alike to this total invasion of our freedoms, and privacy. Not that being an immigrant gives anyone the right to take away our liberties and security. As many of our ancestors were exactly that, immigrants.

Corporations in bed with BIG BROTHER

“We need to be speaking loudly and making our voices heard. We will NOT stand for any attacks on our freedoms, liberty, and privacy by anyone! “

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

Why does a corporation like Motel 6 think that this is an acceptable to cause this type of harm and jeopardize the freedom and liberty of its customers? We need to be letting this and any other company that takes these types of hostile actions toward the American people know we wont stand for it.

Join with me:

  • Contact Motel 6 and let them know this is NOT ok. Here is a link to their guest relations and phone number.
  • BOYCOTT Motel 6 – Vote with your wallet and make them feel it where it hurts… their bank accounts.
  • POST, SHARE, and SPREAD the word about what this company has done.

Together by making it know using the above non-violent  tactics and making it known we can make other companies like Amazon, Facebook, and others think before they act.