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The Grower’s Responsibility…

Here is an article from our Farm Fresh Media Program, discussing the truth about food, and where it comes from. as well as the shady nonsense that is currently accepted in the American food supply chain.

“Go Local, Go Natural, Get To Know Your Farmer, TODAY!”

*Ethan The Farmer, Founder of Get To Know Your Farmer

Please do your part and “vote with your wallet”, as well as telling everyone you meet of the plight of the food system in this world as we know it today. Learn More about programs here at GTKYF Foundation Inc related to FOOD, and to FARMS.

Rock Bottom Farms – Update

Our Sustainable Demonstration Agriculture Program. Make sure to check out its page and learn more about what we are doing through this program.

The cry of “I’m broke”

Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we rely heavily on donations to keep our 23 programs operational. As of October 1st,2018 we are $34,000 short year to date. We have cut some programs and our budget for the remaining three months from $75,000 to $45,000 but will need your help to even do that. 

Now, I hear the “I’m broke” song and I think to myself… did they buy that cup of coffee at Starbucks this morning? Instead of investing in our collective future and helping us fund taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom? If people continue to ignore the plight that society is headed down… there won’t be a need for that cup of coffee…

So, I beg of each of you to consider your options and consider throwing us that $3 instead of the coffee or fast food corporations that actively participate in helping destroy our society and world.

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Thank you
Ethan The Farmer
Founder and Director

On a roll… 

As most of you know we have been severely in the red as an organization for a significant amount of time…

“Good news – in the last 24 hours just shy of $1000 has come in in donations!”  -Ethan The Farmer, September 29, 2018. 

You dont know how much even a dollar leads to pointing to the fact we have your support in these programs designed to be the change we want to see in our society. 

Let’s keep this momentum up and aim for $500 in the next 48 hours!

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We are $19,000 and some change short for September 2018. In addition the the cost to $20,000 we were short going into the month. 

We have cut the fall quarter budget and programs to $45,000 from $75,000.

We dont want to keep cutting programs and need your help to make this work. Even a dollar makes all the difference. 

Many thanks to those who have donated and supported us in providing these programs to make a.difference in our communities.  

-Ethan The Farmer

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More Rock Bottom Farms, Stillwater Information

As I mentioned before, we have bought a “Sustainable Agriculture Training and Demonstration Farm in Northern Pennsylvania. Called “Rock Bottom Farms – Stillwater”. This project, while on a slow build out, It is non the less moving forward. We hope to have portions of it operational by spring 2019, with it fully functional by 2021. We would like to discuss ways we can use your products in the various aspects of this project. This project will have perma culture beds as well as a Walipini. Livestock will be limited due to the size limitations. We also plan to have Aqua and Areo ponic systems, as well as mycology, vermiculture, and biodigestors in operation. As well as classes, workshops, and packages of programs for individuals and families to come and experience off grid living. This 5 bedroom 2 bath farm house is being remodeled to better service these needs. With four of the rooms, and several hammock spots on the decks overlooking the river, and potentially a RV spot with hook ups, and several tent sites being planned, being availible to persons wanting to come, stay, and learn about off grid, sustainable ways to live and produce food. The one additional bedroom is being converted to a caretakers / farm managers quarters.

“If You care about what you eat… NOW is the time to get involved!”

-Ethan The Farmer, Founder

This project has two key purposes:

  • Number one being to provide a location, platform, and knowledge to assist with those considering this lifestyle either for themselves on a small scale or for those farmers wanting to go from conventional agriculture to sustainable to come and learn hands on. The packages of workshops and activities will be customized based on who and what the needs of the group that is there at the time.


  • Number two being to provide a place of respite and renewal for farmers, families, and others involved in areas we are passionate about. A Place for them to come and relax and enjoy the river and natural surroundings, while eating good home made food (most grown on site- or bartered for). We envision this facility operating year round, with snow activities availible in the winter. When we have openings in the booking schedule we will offer those slots to Air bnb type people to assist with off setting the ongoing costs of this facility.

If you have any thoughts on how we could work together on this project / program please feel free to let us know.


As always we rely on your donations to fund all of these many programs: Please consider supporting us here Thank You