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Extra Ordinary Give ?

How many of you know just how much those of us behind GTKYF Foundation Inc like big dirty business? Well, the Non Profit world is not different than Big Business America. In fact in many ways I would argue they are even morally bankrupt. As many of those in charge and leading nonprofits benefit personally significantly. Not here at GTKYF Foundation Inc! Did you know that most of our leadership is NOT paid AT ALL? That’s right volunteering their time to make a difference in our communities and our world. And those that are paid make below the federal poverty line… We don’t do this for the money. We do it cause we care!

“When I die I want the check to the undertaker to bounce. I want to have given it all away. One of my favorite songs is ‘You have never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch’ by Kristian Bush. You can’t take it with you, so why are you trying to?”            – Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc

That brings us to the “Extra Ordinary Give” also know as “Give Extra” here in Pennsylvania. This event and the organizations behind it are a good example of “big business mentality” in the non profit and NGO arenas. Why not give directly to those in need? and give all year long? Instead of just funding the executives end of the year bonuses. We wont participate in these kinda games as they run contrary to our morals and beliefs.  Now, you say “I don’t know where or how to find a group to support”.

In typical GTKYF Foundation Inc fashion, when we see a negative issue we strive to provide a positive solution. We launched a program called “The BIG Give Challenge”.  (Check out an article we wrote about it here) Part of being the change is not only calling out the negative situations, but providing positive programs and solutions to those issues.

So think about it and give directly or locally or to a group who has publicly disclosed the true compensation for its leadership.