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Do You like to WRITE?

Writers Wanted:                                                                                                      GTKYF Foundation Inc has its very own media group! We are always looking for well written articles about the four F’s.  What are the four F’s you ask?  They are Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. The core of what we here are GTKYF Foundation Inc are all about.   If your a writer, or an amateur just breaking into the creative writing field send us your story or idea.

“Each of us needs to tell three people a day about what is going on in this country. If we do that, it won’t be long and we will have critical mass in the fight for our society and our world.”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc

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A message from Ethan The Farmer:

Part of developing ones writing is practice practice practice. Repetition and creating your own style help set you apart in a competitive playing field for content creation and creative writing. I have personally found that the more I write, the easier it has become. Now some would criticize my grammar and style but I believe those aspects lead to a finished product that is uniquely my own.  Lending to my own feel and even ambience of where I am taking the reader in each article I write along this road of life that we each live.  So I would encourage everyone that enjoys writing, or wants to pursue a content writer for profit environment to write how they talk and what flows for them. Good luck and happy writing! I can’t wait to read your articles. – Ethan The Farmer

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