Endeavors Related to Farms

Our programs related to FARMS:

  • Activism FYI – Resources, education, networking, and assistance for activists world wide involved with topics related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. As well as locating local resources to help others volunteer and get involved with local groups. Also providing websites and resource support to Local grass roots groups to facilitate their growth and ability to effect change in their local community. (website coming 2019)

    • Music Program – To help aspiring activists gain exposure for their musical interests and provide a platform for them to use their talents to get involved and help change the world. (websites coming 2019)

  • Rock Bottom Farms:

Formally known as our

Demonstration Sustainable Agricultural Farms:

Our Demo farm in North Central Pennsylvania

  • Family Farmer program provides resources, advocacy, assistance, and education in regards to all things related to family farmers and saving the family farms. (website coming 2019)

  • Family Farmer’s Market – A Program and site providing direct to consumer sales of agricultural and small business products, in both physical and virtual farmers markets. (website is active fully in Lancaster, PA – Wichita, Kansas coming soon – additional physical locations will be rolled out across the United States and Canada in 2019. In 2020 we will be taking this International.)

    • Part of this includes a project called “The Virtual Farm Store” (Website will be LIVE in the above cities in Spring 2019, and will roll out in conjunction with the other classified sites)

    • Harvest Lancaster –  a site for direct to consumer surplus agricultural products from Lancaster County Pennsylvania (website will be LIVE in Spring 2019)

  • Fund Our Farm – Fundraising, micro loans, direct loans, and grants for family farms and other like minded agricultural endeavors. Including homesteads, off grid projects, and community gardens.  Will eventually include Crowd Funding and a networking option for direct loans for agricultural endeavors. (website coming 2019)

  • Get To Know Your Farmer

    • How to open or get involved with a LOCAL chapter of Get To Know Your Farmer (site coming 2019)

    • Network with other farmers and Agricultural endeavors in your local area and nation wide via Get To Know Your Farmer (website coming 2019)

    • Information on All things related to Getting To Know Your Farmer (website coming 2019)

    • Mobile App  – Connecting the Consumer to their Local Family Farmers. (coming end of 2019)

    • Get To Know Your Farmer – The Business side – For Farmers  and other agricultural endeavors (Website coming 2019)

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